The Surf Life Saving NSW Board has approved a financial support package totalling almost $1.2 million – one of the largest injections of funds direct to clubs in the history of our organisation.

For further information about the Support Package please contact Surf Life Saving NSW, 9471 8000,


The 4m2 per participant must be in place for group gathering and does not exceed the maximum of 500 people.

A ‘Turn Up, Participate, Leave’ approach is still in place for all training activities.

Keep a register of everyone who attends each session. All attendance information is to be maintained for a minimum of 28 days.

All surf sport disciplines may now resume including swim, board, ski, beach disciplines, IRBs and surf boats. It is important that hygiene policies are created and implemented which include disinfecting equipment after each use. 

The full SLSNSW Return to Sport Plan can be found here.

For more information on returning to sport, please contact the SLSNSW Surf Sports Team,

Ensure you have referred to the general advice at the top of this webpage for all activities.

Ensure the associated risks of participating in training and education activities are clearly communicated to course participants.

Refer to the information pack on how to deliver training safely and guidance on making reasonable adjustments.

For more information on returning to education, please contact the SLSNSW Training and Education Team,

Ensure you have referred to the general advice at the top of this webpage for all activities.

Venues must assign one member as a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal who will be in distinctive clothing (eg shirt or badge) and responsible for ensuring all aspects of the COVID-19 Safety Plan are being adhered to including overseeing social distancing, cleaning and ensuring the accuracy of record keeping. A Marshal must be within the gym at all times. The club’s COVID safety plan should be updated to reflect this requirement.

SLSNSW advises clubs to consider their capacity to comply with these requirements and therefore the need to consider:

  • Closing access to club gyms entirely
  • Nominate a person/s who can act as the COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal
  • Specifying opening times when a COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal is available
  • Nominate a specific person from a group as the COVID-19 Safe Hygiene Marshal when specific groups (e.g boat crews) are training, and restrict the gym to only those groups.

Keep an electronic register of everyone who comes into your facility to facilitate contact tracing.

Provide facilities for hand sanitisation and all entry points to your buildings.

Cancellation Policies

Clubs are urged to revisit or review their venue hire cancellation policies. Bans on gatherings of people have impacted events and functions throughout NSW. We are asking that in the current environment, all surf clubs, like most other organisations and businesses, treat hirers fairly and with compassion by offering postponements or credit notes to hirers, or reviewing cancellation policies.

Groups of 500 people maximum can gather (including coaches, water safety etc). The 4m2 per participant must be in place.

Plan to ‘Turn up, Participate, Leave.’ Arrive ready to go and leave following the conclusion of the activity.

For the safety of all, only qualified members are to be involved in nippers delivery. Parents should be asked to keep their distance and practice good hygiene.

The Junior Activities COVID19 Information Pack provides information on the planning and delivery of weekend Junior Activities. Off-season training information can be found in the SLSNSW Return to Sport Plan on the SLSNSW website. 

For more information on returning to Junior Activities, please contact the SLSNSW Membership Team,

Ensure you have referred to the general advice at the top of this webpage for all activities.

Patrols rostered within SurfGuard from 28 March 2020 to the end of the Surf Life Saving Season have been marked in SurfGuard as “Not rostered/excused” by SLSNSW.

It is important to clean and disinfect all lifesaving equipment before and after use.

For more information about Lifesaving activities, please contact the SLSNSW Lifesaving Team,

Ensure you have referred to the general advice at the top of this webpage for all activities.

Annual Information Statement extension: Charities with Annual Information Statement due dates between 12 March and 20 August 2020 have an extension until 31 August 2020. This blanket extension does not automatically include any obligations to other regulators (e.g. NSW Fair Trading).

AGMs: Advice for clubs and branches on upcoming AGM's is available on our website, with additional support for video conferencing available from your local Development Officer.

Public Liability Coverage: Surf Life Saving insurers JLT/Marsh Insurers have issued some general advice regarding insurance provisions that may relate to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cyber Attacks (Phishing): Phishing schemes have increased dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19. A guide to help clubs and branches identify and protect themselves from Phishing attacks is available on our website.

Resources for Not-for-profits: A list of resources available to assist NFPs to navigate their way through the impacts of COVID-19 is available on our website. It includes useful tools, advice and information, much of which is free or low cost.

Working with Children Checks: The Office of Children’s Guardian has extended all WWCC clearances that were due to expire from 26 March 2020 to 26 September 2020 for a further six months. This has been automatically updated in SurfGuard.

For more information about club governance, management and compliance, please contact the SLSNSW Development Team,

Ensure you have referred to the general advice at the top of this webpage for all activities.

All events below are subject to change or cancellation.

  • Pool Rescue Championships: July 2020 (Cancelled)
  • SLSNSW State Conference: July 2020 (Postponed to 24-25 July 2021)
  • SLSNSW Board Riding Championships: August 2020 (Cancelled)
  • SLSNSW Awards of Excellence 2020: 29 August 2020 (Virtual Event)
  • IRB Round: August 2020 (Cancelled)
  • IRB State Championships: September 2020 (Cancelled)
  • IRB Aussie Championships: (Cancelled)

For more information about surf sports events, please contact the SLSNSW Surf Sports Team,

For more information about available grants, please contact the SLSNSW Parternships Team,

For assistance in preparing a professionally written application, lodgement and acquittal for available grants, please contact the Surf Life Saving Foundation Grant Seeking Unit, (07) 3177 5855.


Return-To-Sport Funding for Your Club

Last week we outlined to you our SLSNSW COVID Club Support Package, the largest financial injection of its type from SLSNSW direct to clubs and branches.  We have received a great deal of feedback and are pleased that this grant has been very well received and will be extremely helpful in targeting initiatives to help retain and attract members as we head towards the start of a new season.

We are now pleased to announce a further rollout of financial assistance which has become available in the past week.

SLSNSW has been working closely with the Office of Sport to help develop Return to Sport plans for the sector.  As part of that involvement, including representations on behalf of our clubs, the Acting Minister for Sport, Minister Lee, has announced a funding package specifically for the re-activation of surf sports in NSW as we head out of COVID.

Clubs and branches play an essential role in the delivery of surf sports to our membership through the provision of coaching, equipment and competition opportunities for members.  SLSNSW acknowledges the ability of clubs to continue to support members is crucial to the re-booting of surf sports and we will be offering a $1,000 grant to each of our 129 surf clubs and 11 branches to help fund this renewal process. 

These monies will be available to each club and branch by early August at the latest, and as with the COVID Club Support Package, clubs will not be required to submit an invoice - we will create a Recipient Created Tax Invoice and forward remittance advice to you.

The nature of this grant will require funds to be acquitted, meaning clubs and branches should supply invoices or details of how the monies were spent. Funds need to be expended by 20 June 2021. We will come back to clubs shortly with more detail around the acquittal process.

Some examples of how these funds could be spent would include:

  • Essential operating costs to keep core services functioning during the crisis and beyond
  • Direct costs associated with restarting sport programs 
  • Equipment or other resources to enable new ways of working during the crisis and beyond
  • Other demonstrated costs that cannot be deferred, refunded or claimed via insurance
  • Initiatives targeted to retain and recruit members who will be participating in surf sports competition (eg entry fees to events)
  • Equipment or resources which assist in enabling new ways of presenting surf sports at your club, or assist in the recruitment and retention of surf sports members within your club (eg new competition or training equipment)
  • Costs associated with the general running of the sport aspects of the club

SLSNSW is extremely thankful to the NSW Government and the Office of Sport for their acknowledgment of the role our organisation and each of the member clubs and branches plays in ensuring an active and involved community through the provision of sporting opportunities.  We hope this grant assists clubs and branches to continue to play this important role in supporting our volunteers.

SLSA eLearning provider etrainu has created a COVID-19: What It Is, How to Prevent Spread online learning awareness course. It is also available on the SLS Members Area eLearning platform. Duration 5-7 minutes.

The Department of Health has partnered with Aspen Medical to develop a e-learning course for COVID-19 infection control training. Duration 30 minutes.

Communication resources such as social media tiles, website banners and posters have been created by NSW Health and can all be downloaded from Dropbox.

Surf Life Saving NSW encourages its members to download the Federal Government’s COVIDsafe App. The app speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19, helping to support and protect you, your friends and family. The Federal Government has stated this app will be a significant contributor in allowing Australian society to return to a state of normality – which is something SLSNSW supports.

You can download the COVIDsafe App by clicking here for iPhone or here for Android.